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21.4% of Chile's total area is covered by forests (17,520,869 ha), of which 85% correspond to native and 15% to planted.

14,316,822 ha (83%) of forests area are natural forests (therefore, native species), of which the largest area correspond to Lenga [Nothofagus pumilio]  forest type (25.3%), followed by evergreen  (24.5%), Coihue de Magallanes [Nothofagus betuloides] (14%) and Roble-Raulí-Coihue [Nothofagus obliqua-Nothofagus alpina- Nothofagus dombeyi] (11.2%).

Natural forest distribution by type of forest (hectares)

Source: Compilation based on information supplied by INFOR: “2016 Forestry Year-book”.