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Chile is in the top twenty countries in production and commercialization of forest products. The following chart shows that Chile ranks eleventh in roundwood and wood pulp production.

2015 Roundwood and pulp production ranking

Source: INFOR: 2016, Chilean Forestry Sector, p. 8.

Likewise, Chile ranks fourteenth in forest products exports and thirteenth in sawnwood worldwide production. (1)

World ranking of forest product exports and sawn wood

Regarding planted forest hectares, Chile ranks twenty-first .

2015 World participation ranking of forested areas

Source: INFOR: 2016, Chilean Forestry Sector.

Chile ranks twenty-first in the world market for wood-based panel and veneer production.

2014 participation ranking of world production of wood-based panels and veneers

Source: INFOR: 2014, Chilean Forestry Sector.
 (1). FAO: 2012 forest products yearbook, pp. 126-128. Available at