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CORMA offers a productive development tool to complement traditional peasant and farmer activities.

This program started in the Biobío Region in 1998, and, at present, it has three five-year plans, expanding to the del Maule, Araucanía and Los Ríos Regions. There have been 1.5 million plants delivered per year, adding more than 14.2 million plants to the region. Altogether, 16,500 farmers have been benefited, estimating that over 11,500 hectares have been afforested.

At the del Maule Region, this plan delivers about 200,000 plants per year in 10 communes. For its proper implementation, the Forestry Transfer Groups (Grupos de Transferencia Forestal -GTF) were created, whose aim is to group the benefited communities in order to transfer technical knowledge so they can achieve better planting result. 1,000 forest hectares have been planted and over 600 owners have benefited in 6 years of the program's implementation.